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Do we have the right mix of holdings?

These investors have too many holdings, but not enough diversity
Do we have the right mix of holdings?

These readers want to use their investments to cover large expenses and possible care costs later in life

They should consider cutting the number of holdings 

To reduce the time they spend managing their investments they should hold funds rather than direct share holdings

Reader Portfolio
Geoff and his wife 76 and 71

Isas and general investment account invested in direct equity holdings and funds, cash, holiday property bond, residential property.


Draw from investments to cover large expenses, cover possible care costs in later life, leave assets to grandchildren, reduce time spend managing grandchildren's Jisas, increase exposure to ESG investments.

Portfolio type
Investing for goals

Geoff and his wife are ages 76 and 71, and retired. They receive pension income of £45,000 a year after tax, which covers their day-to-day expenses and a £500 monthly contribution into each of their two grandchildren’s junior individual savings accounts (Jisas).

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