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How do I invest my £200,000 Cash Isa?

This investor wants to deploy cash, build up a Sipp, and simplify his existing portfolio
How do I invest my £200,000 Cash Isa?

Ajay is 67, and has been investing for 23 years. He is fully retired and receives £36,000 a year from state and defined benefit (DB) pensions. His wife still works for a salary of £70,000, and receives a pension of £38,000 per year.

Reader Portfolio
Ajay 67

Isa, Sipp and trading account, DB pensions, home and rental property among other assets


Achieve 5 to 8 per cent growth a year for the next five years, build up Sipp, and withdraw money when needed

Portfolio type
Investing for growth

The couple have around £784,000 in Isas, while Ajay has roughly £108,000 in a Sipp, with his wife's Sipp having around £26,000. They also have a trading account with around £35,000 and a variety of other assets. The couple have a home worth £850,000 with no mortgage and a rental property worth £550,000 with no mortgage that brings in rental income of £10,000 a year after expenses. They also have NS&I Premium Bonds, index-linked NS&I bonds, cash, a venture capital trust (VCT) and a life insurance policy.

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