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Lessons from the Portfolio Clinic

What can reader dilemmas tell us about investing?
Lessons from the Portfolio Clinic
  • Our weekly portfolio analyses often involve common themes
  • We look at the key lessons for investors

If lifestyle magazines have agony aunts, Investors’ Chronicle has the Portfolio Clinic. A weekly feature examining a reader's assets and how close they are to achieving certain stated goals, the Clinic has addressed all manner of portfolio dilemmas from all manner of different investors over the years. Beyond the noise of markets and company updates, it has provided a direct insight into the challenges that crop up most commonly for those looking to build, manage or pass on their assets most effectively.

Every week, the Portfolio Clinic matches readers to specialists willing to offer their suggestions. But if every case is different, some common themes have emerged over time. From stockpickers with decades of experience to the beginner who cannot yet tell their dividends from their buybacks, individuals turning to the Clinic tend to face many of the same problems and risk falling into the same traps. This in part reflects one of the greatest enemies of every investor: their own psychology and behaviour.

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