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Seven High Yield Small Caps

My High Yield Small Caps screen has delivered a 57 per cent total return over the last year compared with 26 per cent from the market. Here’s the latest batch of stocks that pass the screen’s tests.
Seven High Yield Small Caps
  • Dividends that help investors profit from quality not income
  • The screen has delivered 379 per cent cumulative total return over the last nine years vs 145 per cent from the market
  • Seven new High Yield Small Caps

A classic view of what a 'quality' company looks like can be blind to a kind of dull-but-dependable quality play that can stack up great returns over time. Focusing on the quality of dividends paid and dividend yield can often provide investors with a slant that helps identify quality plays that others can easily overlook. 

Such situations may not boast the kind of standout return on investment or high margins that are traditionally associated with 'quality' plays. These businesses may also only offer relatively pedestrian growth prospects. They may also be a bit cyclical and operate businesses that are sensitive to external forces. They therefore may not be truly masters of their own destiny.

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