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How do I generate a regular and reliable income of £40k-£45k a year?

This investor should consider keeping her buy-to-let properties
How do I generate a regular and reliable income of £40k-£45k a year?
  • This investor plans to sell her buy-to-let properties and invest the proceeds in shares and funds to help generate £40,000-£45,000 a year
  • It might be better if she keeps some or all of her properties
  • She should diversify her investments
Reader Portfolio
Natalie 62

Sipp and Isa invested in funds and direct shareholdings, cash, residential property


Retirement income of £40,000-£45,000 a year, generate income and growth, sell buy-to-let properties tax-efficiently and reinvest proceeds in Sipp and Isa, pass on assets to children, reduce cost of investing.

Portfolio type
Investing for income

Natalie is 62, divorced and earns £10,000 a year. She has two adult children. Her home is worth about £600,000 and mortgage-free. She also owns three buy-to-let properties worth about £680,000 in total, which are mortgage-free and produce income of £31,000 a year before tax and costs.

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