How to survive the Covid-19 sell-off and make recovery gains

How to survive the Covid-19 sell-off and make recovery gains

These are extraordinary times. The Covid-19 pandemic has shaken the global economy to its core, shutting down swathes of activity and pulverising stock markets. Scientists are racing to find a cure, but until they do no one can say how long the shutdown will last, how far it will extend, or how much economic damage will be done.  

This week was supposed to see many companies publish their financial results for 2019 – a request from the UK's financial authorities means that it will now be at least two weeks before many do. It is hard to see how markets can continue to operate in such an information vacuum.  

While markets may appear unapproachable at the moment, and it seems hard to look past the lockdown, investment is about the long term. And markets have a habit of surviving. Covid-19 has reminded us that there is no such thing as certainty in investing. But it is the very same uncertainty that is so often the source of investing reward. Our mission is to help you manage that, and protect and grow your wealth even when the outlook seems bleakest.

With 160 years of history, Investors Chronicle has unrivaled insight into managing your money during good times and bad. To help investors navigate the Covid-19 crisis with clear heads, and come out on the other side with their wealth intact, we're going to be making lots of our best subscription content free. We also have a new suite of free educational content to guide and reassure those attempting to manage their money in unprecedented times.

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Don't panic and get ready to profit in recovery (2020)

A run-through of a few simple rules that could prevent you from losing a lot of money during a painful sell-off. Plus how to position yourself for the eventual recovery. Click here to read this article, free.


Surviving the sell-off (2020)

In the days following the initial sell-off caused by a mixture of coronavirus jitters and oil price plummets, Phil Oakley provided a comprehensive lesson in how to deal with the crisis. You can read that here. 


PODCAST: Turbulent times

With the coronavirus outbreak in its early stages, John Hughman and Neil Wilson began to speculate about the potential fallout. Listen to their thoughts on portfolio planning ahead of a calamity here.

Neil Wilson, gives updates on crucial moves in financial markets every day, you can sign-up to receive his free daily Trader's Outlook alerts here. Simply complete your registration details and leave the Trader's Outlook email box ticked.


Buy the dip? Investment trust bargains

Dripping money gradually into markets is a safer way to start investing when share prices have seen big falls. There are big opportunities emerging for investors with a sensible strategy to buy investment trusts at a bargain. 

Investment trusts are companies that manage assets. They list their shares on the stock exchange and it is possible to buy the shares for less than the value of the funds that they manage. Our recent Alpha screen highlighted some very well-regarded investment trusts offering such a discount. You can learn which ones, here.


3 ways crashes cause investment mistakes (2020)

Algy Hall explains why investors behave as they do during times of difficulty and why that could be a bad thing. This article can help you avoid the same mistakes.


Don't miss out when we beat the coronavirus

We hope you enjoy these articles, that we've made free to help more people understand what is happening in financial markets and how it affects their savings and investments. Each week in Investors Chronicle, we show our readers steps to protect their money in the downturn and position themselves for the eventual recovery.

This isn’t about profiting from misery, it’s about being well placed for the good news story we’re all waiting for: when this horrible virus starts to be beaten.

For investors, the stock market tends to be a lead indicator of positive sentiment and you don’t want to miss out. For more of our ideas – how you should balance your portfolio, which funds and companies to buy, how much cash to hold – check out some of our subscription options.


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Above all, please stay safe in the crisis and keep checking our website for more articles and updates to help investors keep their money as safe as is possible right now. 

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Preserve your wealth with a cool head and logic (requires Alpha subscription)

Our columnist Phil Oakley continues his assessment of extraordinary times for the global economy in this opinion piece, including his general views on distressed value stocks how he is managing his Fantasy Sipp and UK Quality Shares virtual portfolios in the crisis. Read Phil's thoughts here.


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