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Around the world in 8 investment trusts 2020

Time to follow 19th century adventurer Phileas Fogg around the investment trust globe once again, and he's showing a strong taste for trusts set to profit from Covid-19 vaccine developments
Around the world in 8 investment trusts 2020
  • 8 global trust picks from Phileas Fogg
  • Covid vaccine and Brexit plays abound
  • Trusts showing advantageous mix of value and momentum

Once a year the Investors Chronicle employs the services of globe-trotting 19th century adventurer Phileas Fogg to take readers around the world in eight investment trusts. Known for his cool head and steely nerves, we reckon it is hard to think of a better fellow to take one on an international investment adventure – and given he’s a fictional character there’s the added advantage that he offers very favourable freelance rates!

As a logical and matter-of-fact sort, Mr Fogg plans by referencing two of the most established principles for identifying potential future outperformance: share price momentum and value (see 'How Fogg Picks Trusts' for more details). This selection process has served Mr Fogg pretty well over the years, and returns were strong over the past 12 months. There is a bit of a wrinkle in this year's selection though as Mr Fogg put his list together before the recent announcement of the Pfizer Covid-vaccine trial results. The good news is a number of the trusts he's selected stand to benefit from the vaccine advance, although, some of the potential upside been realised before publication. On that score, readers should double check share prices as those given in Mr Fogg's tables could be out-of-whack with recent sharp moves.

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