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How can we get a retirement income of £60,000 per year?

This investor hopes to grow his pensions to £1.5m but is torn between capital preservation and growth
How can we get a retirement income of £60,000 per year?

Tim wants to grow his pensions to a sufficient size to provide a retirement income of £60,000 per year

He risks breaching the pensions lifetime allowance so his wife should consider making pension contributions rather than Tim maximising his

He should be mindful of the correlations that investments in gold and mining company shares have with other investments

Reader Portfolio
Tim and his wife 42

Pensions invested in funds, gold and silver coins, cash, residential property. 


Build up pensions worth £1.25m-£1.5m by age 65, income of £60,000 per year in retirement, give children deposits to buy properties when they are adults.

Portfolio type
Investing for growth

Tim and his wife are age 42. He earns £118,000 per year and his wife has recently started a job in which she earns £12,500 per year. Their home is worth around £450,000 and has a mortgage of £140,000.

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