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Retailers on the hook for ports logjam

Delays at Britain's main container ports could spell trouble for retailers and manufacturers, but do the problems simply reflect an industry in flux?
Retailers on the hook for ports logjam
  • Christmas, coronavirus and customs have combined to put undue pressure on Britain's ports 
  • The challenges might bring about changes in the way companies manage their supply chains

UK retailers and manufacturers are facing soaring trade prices and long delays as mayhem unfolds at British ports. Felixstowe has been handling 30 per cent more goods than usual, while 11,000 containers of government-procured PPE has constrained capacity. Ships are reportedly being sent back to Europe as the pressure has spread to the UK’s other ports.

On the face of it, you would imagine that maritime bottlenecks had developed because of the commercial damage wrought by the virus, together with a colossal increase in e-commerce orders and prevailing uncertainty over the shape of Britain’s future trading relationship with the European Union (EU).

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