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John Wood responsive to the renewables transition

The energy services and infrastructure group is broadening the scope of its competencies in response to evolving end-markets
John Wood responsive to the renewables transition

You get the impression that politics, rather than dispassionate analysis, is increasingly to the fore when the investment case for the oil and gas industry is being assessed. The inevitable marginalisation of the industry has become an article of faith for some. This viewpoint was given additional ballast by the largest oil industry write-downs in at least a decade through 2020, although there were extenuating circumstances, to say the least.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) sketches out several scenarios every year detailing global energy consumption and how it will be met. There are any number of variables at play, and none of the scenarios should be treated as forecasts, as the agency would have to second-guess the future intentions of policy-makers.

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