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Is your platform ripping you off?

How to win in a new age of investing
Is your platform ripping you off?
  • A surge of retail investors has created a real opportunity 
  • Raises critical questions about education and cost

Over the past year, investment platforms have enjoyed a roaring trade. Not only has market volatility proved fertile ground for stockpickers, but forced lockdowns have left swathes of people with bolstered savings and time to plan their finances.

Activity across the board has been impressive. Hargreaves Lansdown (HL.), the UK’s largest do-it-yourself investment platform with 1.5m customers, attracted over 220,000 new clients in 2020, a 60 per cent increase on the previous year. The broker has also gradually been recruiting younger investors, with the average age of new clients slipping from 45 in 2012 to 37 today. 

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