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What does the road out of lockdown mean for your portfolio?

Boris Johnson has laid out the path to a post-Covid Britain. Here are the companies and industries that might benefit.
What does the road out of lockdown mean for your portfolio?
  • Good for: supermarkets, bitcoin and testing companies 
  • Better than expected for: some pubs, international travel 
  • Bad for: retail and office landlords, cinemas and theatres

Boris Johnson’s route to “reclaiming our freedoms” is a blow to many industries which have spent almost a year struggling for survival. On 29 March, the Prime Minister’s ‘stay at home’ rule will be removed meaning people can meet up in socially-distanced groups of six in the park, at open-air sports facilities, or in private gardens. 

But pubs, restaurants, holiday lets, theme parks and non-essential retailers will have to wait at least another two weeks before they can open their doors again, meaning they will miss out on the big Easter bank holiday weekend. No doubt supermarkets will enjoy another surge from Britons in a celebratory mood, just as they did over Christmas. 

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