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The second phase in digital transformation

What will 2021's digital transformation look like?
The second phase in digital transformation
  • Corporate IT spending set to grow 
  • Focus on cross-pollination between enterprise softwares

‘Digital transformation’ proved to be an extremely useful buzzword in 2020, as we discussed in our webinar this week. Microsoft’s (US:MSFT) chief executive Satya Nadella inspired its use in the mainstream last April, when he said that the company had captured “two years of digital transformation in two months”. Cue a flurry of tech investors and fund managers latching onto the sector’s new hottest lingo. 

But any IT spending last year was mostly out of necessity rather than choice, as big corporations scrambled to ensure that their entire workforce could operate from home. We do not think it is likely that companies will give up these new processes, and the improved efficiencies that come with them, at least this year. But as vaccine programmes slowly roll-out across the world, it looks like we might be headed back to normal by the end of 2021. This will inevitably change the nature of companies’ expenditure on tech. Most have already kitted up their employees with hardware, as well as transferring their core operations to the cloud. Now, chief technology officers will be looking at software that can build on the digital synergies they bagged last year.  

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