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Victory Hill: a global approach to renewables

Anthony Catachanas tells Dave Baxter why he is focusing on more niche technologies and avoiding following the 'hot money'
Victory Hill: a global approach to renewables
  • VH Global Sustainable Energy Opportunities is one of the latest renewables trusts to hit the UK market
  • It will invest globally rather than focusing on the UK
  • It did not raise as much as it wanted in its IPO but hopes to do another issue this year

Renewable energy infrastructure investment trusts are currently riding a wave of demand that few other sectors can match.

At a time when investment trust initial public offerings (IPOs) look increasingly difficult to get off the ground, trusts from the sector continue to launch while shares in existing ones tend to trade at large premiums to net asset value (NAV). Advocates of the sector argue that such premiums are justified: these trusts have generally continued to reward investor loyalty with a steady stream of dividends that show limited correlation to recent turmoil in the broader economy.

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