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The benefits of a shift to technology

Will Fraser-Allen tells Leonora Walters why a greater focus on growth and technology has been beneficial since the outbreak of Covid-19
The benefits of a shift to technology

The Albion VCTs have a focus on technology companies in areas such as healthcare, digital health and B2B software

Some of these investments have done particularly well during the pandemic

This has more than compensated for asset-backed investments that have not been able to operate normally due to the pandemic

Although they don't experience the massive share price swings of listed equities, unquoted companies are subject to the same economic pressures and opportunities. So, not surprisingly, private equity funds have benefited from investments in areas such as technology, and not done so well with leisure and travel assets.

This has been the case with the six Albion venture capital trusts (VCTs), which hold around 70 unquoted companies and have total funds under management of about £450m. The VCTs have a particular focus on technology in areas such as healthcare, digital health, and business- to-business (B2B) software for data security and infrastructure.

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