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Why Microsoft is clawing at social media

TikTok, Pinterest and now Discord - Microsoft grasps at social media deals
Why Microsoft is clawing at social media
  • Microsoft is reportedly in talks to buy social media platform Discord for $10bn 
  • The acquisition would complement its Xbox service - but leave it exposed to regulatory interference

Microsoft (US:MSFT) is one of the most appealing names in American tech. Its office software is ubiquitous, its reputation is near pristine and it cleared its antitrust hurdles in the early 2000s. So why is it trying to delve into the uglier, volatile world of social media - especially while the industry is under intense scrutiny by regulators? 

In the past year alone Microsoft has been in discussions to buy TikTok, the video app from Chinese tech giant ByteDance, Pinterest (US:PIN), the digital mood board platform, and now, apparently, Discord. 

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