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Workday and Okta attractions extend beyond remote working

Cloud computing offers a range of commercial benefits unconnected to the changes in work patterns witnessed over the past year
Workday and Okta attractions extend beyond remote working


  • Structural benefits from remote working trend already in evidence pre-pandemic
  • Expect hefty R&D commitments with both companies firmly in expansionary mode

Buoyant Q1 results for the likes of Okta (NASDAQ: OKTA) and Workday (NASDAQ: WDAY) showed the benefits of the pandemic for companies exploiting cloud-computing, specifically those engaged in ‘human capital management’ – to use the preferred corporate jargon. But, as the return to normality kicks in, will those same benefits begin to evaporate?

The boom in remote working has been one of the more interesting side-effects of the pandemic. The numbers speak for themselves. In the space of a year, it is estimated that the number of Americans - as a percentage of the workforce - who worked from home regularly has risen from 4 per cent to 44 per cent. However, shifts in work patterns have been evolving over the past decade; the pandemic has served to accelerate any number of societal and commercial trends.

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