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The companies that keep the internet running

One glitch and a chunk of the internet comes tumbling down
The companies that keep the internet running
  • Fastly's shares bounced 10.8 per cent on the same day its glitch took major websites offline
  • What a 'CDN' provider is and who the industry leaders are

When a glitch caused a big chunk of the internet to drop offline last week, the platform at the centre of the outage saw its shares jump 10.8 per cent by the end of the day. By Fastly’s (US:FSLY) own admission, the global outage was “broad and severe”. But the company detected the disruption within one minute, identified the cause and disabled the configuration relatively quickly. Within 49 minutes, 95 per cent of its cloud-based network was operating as normal. 

The market was clearly impressed by Fastly’s recovery speed - and the outage also revealed a long list of its huge, global clients. Those affected by the glitch included Amazon (US:AMZN), the BBC, the New York Times (US:NYT), the UK government website, as well as the Financial Times and Investors’ Chronicle. The bug, which was triggered by a customer changing their settings, revealed just how many crucial parts of the internet’s infrastructure is concentrated in the hands of just a few suppliers. 

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