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Vodafone looks to optimise supply chain post-Huawei

The government's decision to blacklist Huawei on security grounds could usher in a more flexible supply chain arrangement
Vodafone looks to optimise supply chain post-Huawei
  • Lock-in contracts in the RAN market are unfavourable for wireless operators
  • The open RAN concept should boost innovation and price discovery

At a time of unprecedented government intervention in the economy, any measures that could stimulate competition are to be welcomed, whatever the industry.

It is a week now since Vodafone (VOD) announced that it had awarded Europe’s first large-scale “open RAN” contract to a handful of alternative suppliers, Samsung Electronics (005930.KS) chief among them. The move follows on from Whitehall’s decision to nullify commercial agreements with China’s Huawei to supply new equipment for Vodafone’s 5G supply chain. National security concerns were at the heart of the decision and the existing kit put in place by Huawei is to be stripped out by 2027.

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