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The most exciting thematic ETFs

Thematic ETFs are not portfolio building blocks but you could have a small allocation to them
The most exciting thematic ETFs
  • Thematic funds highlighted by the IC Top 50 ETF panel
  • The risks and rewards of topical areas such as blockchain and agriculture

The bumper year thematic funds had in 2020 is not reflected in the 2021 IC Top 50 ETFs, for good reason. This list focuses on more conventional tracker funds that work well as the building blocks of an investment portfolio, so it only includes four thematic exchange traded funds (ETFs). We also remain cautious about holding thematics as the mainstay of a portfolio due to their serious drawbacks and the substantial due diligence required before you buy them and while you hold them. Thematics are not necessarily 'sleep easy at night' products.

But as many investors still view them as an exciting prospect, we have highlighted the thematic ETFs that most excited the IC Top 50 ETF expert panel this year. But these are only suggestions to inspire further research, not recommendations to buy.

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