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EU taxes carbon while the UK goes for tech

The first significant post-Brexit divergence should come in environmental policy after the EU and UK set out their respective de-carbonisation stalls
EU taxes carbon while the UK goes for tech

Whether the timing was deliberate is hard to say, but announcements by both British government and the EU showcased starkly different approaches as to how to tackle de-carbonisation in the economy.

Unsurprisingly, the political backdrop means that any such policy is going to be seen through the Brexit lens, with the potential for a whole debate on the divergence in standards, differing approaches to business, even laissez-faire versus dirigisme. But beyond the usual complaining from various special interest groups (“It doesn’t go far enough,” versus “It is an intolerable burden on business” etc.), do the differing policy approaches – Britain using technology to keeps things moving, while the EU proposes to tax anything that moves - have any real impact on the industry sectors involved and the shareholders who invest in them?


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