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AstraZeneca pay out looks well protected

The UK's largest listed company's yield is down from its peak. But on balance, that looks a positive sign for long-term investors.
AstraZeneca pay out looks well protected

It is impossible to say how long the world will need Covid-19 vaccines. The course of the pandemic never did run smooth. Will we require boosters every year? Will new variants mean that new jabs will be under constant development? To echo a much-used phrase from the last 18 months, only time will tell.

Yet AstraZeneca’s (AZN) Covid inoculation is just one small piece of its overall revenue pie. True, the FTSE 100 pharmaceutical giant worked tirelessly alongside Oxford University to roll out a coronavirus vaccine at lightning speed last year. But Astra does not expect to profit from said vaccine during the emergency phase of the crisis. Neither has it factored its jab into sales forecasts.

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