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Pharma groups scramble for Covid-19 antivirals

If you failed to capture the earnings growth generated by the mRNA vaccine candidates, there are new therapies in the trial phase
Pharma groups scramble for Covid-19 antivirals
  • Covid-19 might eventually resemble the seasonal flu
  • A short-course regimen of daily pills could deliver better outcomes
  • Several antiviral candidates are in the offing

Several companies, including Pfizer Inc (US:PFE) and Merck & Co (US:MRK), are pushing ahead with new trials of experimental oral antiviral drugs for Covid-19. Companies have been trying to determine the likely shape of the market and the ongoing commercial opportunity if, as some health professionals believe, we will need to address Sars-like coronavirus on a seasonal basis.

The take-up rate of vaccinations has differed from country to country and there is every chance that further direct and indirect mandates will be introduced during the northern winter, but the introduction of oral antiviral drugs could represent a sea change from a therapeutic perspective.      

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