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Coping without carbon

James Lovelock, he who – in a sense – started it all with his concept of Gaia, summed up the climate-change movement, and the response to it, some 15 years ago. “We live at a time when emotions and feelings count more than truth and there is a vast ignorance of science,” he wrote in his book, The Revenge of Gaia.

Perhaps it was ever thus. Even so, if that sentiment were true back in 2006, think how much more so it is today; now that humankind, for good or ill, has released a further 500bn tonnes of CO2 or thereabouts into the atmosphere and atmospheric concentrations of CO2 have risen, say, a further 7 per cent as a result.

Today, eco-fundamentalism rules in part because belief has been transformed into fact, but also because the true believers are aided and abetted by an army of fellow travellers, many of whom are in the camp because they sniff the stench of money to be made on the pathway to what is rather laughably called ‘net zero’.

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