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A world in crisis

The far-reaching repercussions of Putin's war
A world in crisis

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has not proved to be the quick exercise it appears the Kremlin was expecting it to be. Despite overwhelming firepower and numbers, tough Ukrainian resistance has slowed the Russian advance on several fronts. Meanwhile the international community has acted with somewhat surprising speed and unity to target financial sanctions at the Russian state and key actors in its leadership. 


The ripple effect of these economic sanctions is beginning to be felt worldwide, most notably in energy markets where oil and gas prices have spiked sharply as has the cost of wheat. Other commodities being dragged upwards in tandem as investors take stock of Russia's position of key producer across a wide range of key inputs. 

Equity investors have seen more volatility with selling accelerating into the end of the week. One of the major growing concerns is the prospect that the energy price shock will lead to inflation remaining higher for longer and this, combined with slowing growth, will lead to a period of stagflation - an issue investors have not had to grapple with for a generation or more. 

Our writers have assessed the impact across key investment sectors from commodities to equities and property as well as what moves investors could make to shift to a defensive stance, be in through gold or trying to seek out companies which could benefit from the structural changes we will see long after this conflict is resolved. 

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