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Central banks: Masters of the Universe no more

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Central banks: Masters of the Universe no more

“The best way to destroy the capitalist system is to debauch the currency.” 

Winter, early 2023. Europe is in the second month of an energy crisis. An Italian, a German, a Frenchman and an Englishman walk into one of the few hotels still open. For economy, they decide to share a room. The manager says ‘je suis desolee, we ‘ave no ‘ot water’. The German says, ‘never mind, I’ll have a cold shower – zehr Verspannung!’ The Frenchman says, ‘tant pis, I weel ‘ave pas de douche’. The Englishman says ‘this is not good enough – keep your room, I will sleep out in the cold’. The Italian says ‘what is a shower’?  

Ok, ok, I know, right... Sorry. It’s a new play on an old communist-era joke, inspired by one of the best fintwit accounts out there. But that’s the new world order – shiver, own nothing and be happy, plebs. That’s the future engineered by our incompetent, currency-debasing leaders.  

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