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The IC Interviews: Expert views on 2020

Hear from the people who matter to your money
The IC Interviews: Expert views on 2020

We've interviewed leaders in their respective fields to get the lowdown on 2020 and look ahead to 2021.

2020 in review


Professor Sunetra Gupta insists that "lockdowns are not an appropriate tool. We are asking the poor and the young to carry the can for a dysfunctional NHS."

The coronavirus pandemic has provided an important lesson in health policy

Dame Margaret Hodge, MP says she "was shocked to discover that Amazon now sits on the CBI committee on taxation."

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American investor and financial commentator Jim Rogers says "I've learned in my decades, you can't trust government. Who knows if any of them are telling the truth"

Here's why that might not apply to China


Looking to the future


John Browne, former chief executive of BP considers the outlook for oil: "The consensus is that oil demand will be around pre-Covid-19 levels for at least the next decade". 

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Famed short-activist Carson Block thinks he and his peers can play an important role in identifying fraudulent ESG companies: "We want to pull their pants down in public and say 'nothing green here'"

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Gillian Tett, US editor-at-large is encouraged by the fact that "we're moving forward to think about what I call consequence-based capitalism". 

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Randy Smallwood, chief executive at Wheaton Precious Metals is encouraged by the outlook for precious metals. In this podcast, he talks to Alex Hamer.

You can hear Stephen Clapham talk to our very own analyst, Phil Oakley in this podcast.