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Setting up a robust financial plan

Helping you build a better future through sensible investing
Setting up a robust financial plan

Do you want to kickstart the year by sorting out your finances? Frightened of the stock market and unsure where to start? 

Investing can seem complicated, confusing and downright scary, but get it right and it’s a powerful tool for growing your wealth.

Over a series of ten weekly podcasts, we’ll be breaking down the complexities of the financial world to help you learn about how you can build yourself a better future through sensible investing.  

Our first podcast covers why you should invest, with Investors’ Chronicle’s Mary McDougall in conversation with Jeremy Naylor, presenter at IG and financial wellbeing expert Jason Butler. 

Hear their views on how to establish an investment plan, how it fits within your wider finances and why it’s best to start as early as you can. 

They also discuss the role of crypto in an investment portfolio, why you need to be careful when using social media and how to avoid being ripped off by financial institutions. 

Click below to download a pdf guide to Why you should invest. 

This podcast is sponsored by IG.


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