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ISA or pension? Make the most out of tax wrappers

IG presenter Jeremy Naylor and financial coach Svenja Keller explain how to make the most out of tax wrappers
ISA or pension? Make the most out of tax wrappers

Investors and savers take note. Tax wrappers can make a huge difference to the value of your savings over time. 

You have two main options: put more money into your pension or invest within an individual savings account, better known as an Isa. Ideally you can do both. 

In the third episode of our investing explained podcast series, Jeremy Naylor, presenter at IG and Svenja Keller, financial coach and founder of SK Inspire, explain the nuances of tax wrappers and how to use them as effectively as possible. 

They talk through the different types of Isas and pensions available, the pros and cons of different options and how to prioritise between them.

This podcast is sponsored by IG.


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