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Buying shares: how do I know if the price is right?

Chris Beauchamp and Algy Hall shed light on how to improve your stock picking skills
Buying shares: how do I know if the price is right?

Buying shares can be much more risky than buying funds, but get it right and the returns can be greater too. 

In the fifth episode of our investing explained podcast series, IG’s chief market analyst Chris Beauchamp and the IC’s former associate editor Algy Hall talk through what a share is, different styles for investing and multiple approaches to valuing stocks. 

Algy also talks about his most successful stock screens, how to see through company marketing spin and how to account for intangible assets. Chris sheds light on how the success of different styles can differ across geographies and sectors, where different valuation metrics are suitable and how to know when is the right time to sell. 


For access to a pdf guide and accompanying video for this episode of our Investing Explained series, click here. 


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