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What are miners going to do with all their cash?

Asos, cash-rich mining companies, and UK defence shares are broken down by our panel of IC experts
What are miners going to do with all their cash?

Retail writer Madeleine Taylor joins the Companies and Markets show to talk through our result of the week: Asos.

Then Alex Hamer is also on hand to break down his latest long read, 'Awash with cash: will miners opt for deals, development, or dividends?'.

Finally, the panel briefly touch on the national security implications around the sale of another British defence stock abroad.

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00:00 - Intro
01:17 - News roundup
02:33 - Result of the week: Asos
15:03 - What will miners do with all their cash?
29:08 - Meggitt sale an issue for national security?


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