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Am I on track to achieve my financial goals?

These readers should do some cash flow forecasting to ensure they meet their goals
Am I on track to achieve my financial goals?

Graham and his wife are aged 42 and 47, respectively. He is a hairdresser and she is a foster carer. Their combined annual income of around £95,000 a year, which includes rent from buy-to-let properties, varies. They have two teenage children. Their home is worth £450,000 and has a repayment mortgage of £226,000 on it.

Reader Portfolio
Graham and his wife 42 and 47

Pensions and Isa invested in funds, residential property, cash


Retire in 18 years on £50,000 a year income, help children buy homes

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Investing for goals

“I am a new investor, and would like to know if I am on the right track to achieve my long-term aims and, if not, how to do this,” says Graham. “My wife and I plan to retire in about 18 years when we would like an annual income of £50,000 a year in today’s money. Our dream is to buy a narrowboat to live and cruise on for six months of the year, and maybe live abroad or rent a small home in this country for the other six months.

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