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Get on top of your personal finances

Wondering how to pass the hours in lock-down? Then why not submit your portfolio for review in the Investors Chronicle Portfolio Clinic? Many investors will have been poring over their portfolios in recent weeks as the market sell off has accelerated. If you are concerned about the effect the sell off has had on your long term goals, have our team of experts review your investments and your goals.

This is a feature which involves readers sending in their financial and investment details for financial experts to comment on.

If you want to beat the boredom and get on top of your personal finances, you can find the form you need to fill in on the Portfolio Clinic section of the IC website, or email or

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Elsewhere recently we have published a plethora of content on how to manage your way through the bear market, for example, Dave Baxter asked what investors should do in a sell off, Megan Boxall looked at whether now is the time to start investing, how to survive the sell off and make recovery gains and Algy Hall looked at three ways in which crashing markets mess with your mind

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