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Do we have the right mix of holdings and risk?

These readers' long investment horizon means they don't need to take high risks to meet their target return
Do we have the right mix of holdings and risk?

These readers want to buy a home next year and retire in 2050 mortgage free

They need to manage currency risk, and estimate how likely they are to meet their income target in retirement

They also need to reassess their risk appetite as their portfolio does not match what they say it is

Reader Portfolio
Seamus and his wife 35

Isa and pensions invested in funds and shares, cash.


Buy a home worth up to £500,000, set aside cash for emergencies, retire by 2050 with no mortgage, income of £40,000 per year from investments in retirement, 3 per cent average annual return to grow investments to £1m by 2050, reduce sterling exposure, reduce holdings in higher cost active funds.

Portfolio type
Investing for goals

Seamus is age 35, and he and his wife work full-time for a joint annual income of about £140,000 per year. They have a young child and have recently moved to the Netherlands, where they expect to stay for the foreseeable future.

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