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Cannabis Inc

Cannabis, pot, weed, reefer... whatever you like to call it, there’s money to be made in the nascent legal marijuana market
Cannabis Inc

Legalisation of the marijuana market is a multi-billion-pound opportunity for investors, with global spending on legal cannabis expected to grow 230 per cent in just five years, from $9.5bn (£7.3bn) in 2017 to $32bn in 2022. A recent report from BDS Analytics estimates that the legal marijuana market could be worth $57bn globally by 2027. According to figures from Euromonitor, the legal marijuana market will be worth US$7.5bn in Canada next year, and $10.2 billion in the US, where it’s not even really legal, except in some states.

All those big numbers are rather tantalising of course and one should always treat market research reports of this type with a degree of caution. But any fool can see that legalisation is opening up a huge new market for investors.

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