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Medica CEO sells down

Having led a management buyout in 2013 the group's chief executive now owns just over 2 per cent of the company
Medica CEO sells down

Chief executive John Graham is slowing reducing his stake in medical imaging group Medica (MGP). After leading a management buyout in 2013, just two years after taking the top job, he sold half his 7 per cent stake in the company when it floated last year. Now he has relinquished another £2m-worth of shares, lowering his holding to just over 2 per cent.

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Medica’s shares haven't lived up to the excitement of their first day of trading. After listing at 135p a share, the group closed its first day up 37 per cent at 185p. But announcements since then have failed to soothe concerns that the medical imaging company is too reliant on the cash-strapped NHS. Despite the fact that the top line has maintained a double-digit growth rate, gross margins have been hampered by a decline in spending from the UK’s public health service.

CompanyDirectorDateNo of sharesPrice (p)Value (£)Holding (shares)Holding (%)
1Spatial Peter Massey20 Sep 1848,2954119,80191,8130.093
Be Heard  Simon Pyper (cfo)20 Sep 183,110,6881.237,3283,110,6880.299
Boot (Henry) Darren Littlewood (fd)21 Sep 187,794291.7522,73965,0000.049
Cello Health Clifford Tompsett25 Sep 1820,00013727,40020,0000.019
Collagen Solutions David Evans (ch)25 Sep 18650,0003.7524,37543,187,41113.308
Essentra Ralf Wunderlich20 Sep 1810,00041241,200121,0000.046
Flowtech Fluidpower Malcolm Diamond (ch)20 Sep 1816,028123.719,82766,0280.108
Flowtech Fluidpower Bill Wilson20 Sep 1812,500123.915,48812,5000.021
Flowtech Fluidpower Nigel Richens21 Sep 1823,500128.530,19773,5000.121
Imperial Brands Oliver Tant (cfo)20 Sep 185,3862586139,28268,8160.007
Low & Bonar Daniel Dayan26 Sep 18368,00040.41148,709368,0000.111
Menzies (John) Philipp Joeinig26 Sep 1849,695555275,80799,6950.119
Phoenix Global Resources John Bentley26 Sep 1842,0002410,08042,0000.002
Phoenix Global Resources Philip Wolfe26 Sep 1841,6662410,00041,6660.002
Phoenix Global Resources Michael Rake (ch)26 Sep 1841,6662410,000128,0030.005
Phoenix Global Resources Anuj Sharma26 Sep 1842,0002510,50042,0000.002
SDL Christopher Humphrey25 Sep 185,00046523,25020,0000.022
Shield Therapeutics Carl Sterritt (ceo)21 Sep 1888,2353430,00010,163,4968.730
SIG Andrew Allner (ch)25 Sep 1812,014124.8514,99928,9540.005
SIG♥Alan Lovell26 Sep 1820,000130.86526,17320,0000.003
Smiths GroupNoel Tata 24 Sep 182,0001,49829,9602,0000.001
Standard Life Aberdeen John Devine24 Sep 1815,713318.1949,99732,4560.001
Thomas Cook  Frank Meysman (ch)25 Sep 1850,00058.7529,375597,0000.039
Thomas Cook  Frank Meysman (ch)25 Sep 18100,00060.1260,120697,0000.045
TP ICap Philip Price24 Sep 188,454295.724,9988,4540.002
UDG Healthcare Brendan McAtamney (ceo)20 Sep 1835,000660231,000115,0000.046
Wilmington Paul Dollman21 Sep 1815,00018327,45040,0000.046
Wilmington Martin Morgan21 Sep 1825,00018446,00025,0000.029
Zenith Energy Andrea Cattaneo Adorno (ceo)21 Sep 181,000,0003.3833,80011,926,9927.785
Zenith Energy Andrea Cattaneo Adorno (ceo)21 Sep 182,000,0003.3867,60013,926,9929.091
Zenith Energy Andrea Cattaneo Adorno (ceo)24 Sep 18970,0003.432,98014,896,9929.724
Zenith Energy Andrea Cattaneo Adorno (ceo)20 Sep 18300,0003.4810,44010,926,9927.132
CompanyDirectorDateNo of sharesPrice (p)Value (£)Holding (shares)Holding (%)
Altitude  Martin Varley25 Sep 18500,00070.89354,45012,132,55922.216
BCA Marketplace Avril Palmer-Baunack (ch)20 Sep 185,000,000212.510,625,0008,870,1351.112
BCA Marketplace Avril Palmer-Baunack (ch)21 Sep 181,500214.53,2188,849,1351.110
BCA Marketplace Avril Palmer-Baunack (ch)21 Sep 1810,000214.5421,4548,850,6351.110
BCA Marketplace Avril Palmer-Baunack (ch)21 Sep 185,00021510,7508,865,1351.112
BCA Marketplace Avril Palmer-Baunack (ch)21 Sep 181,5002153,2258,863,6351.111
BCA Marketplace Avril Palmer-Baunack (ch)21 Sep 183,0002156,4508,860,6351.111
BCA Marketplace Avril Palmer-Baunack (ch)21 Sep 183,0002156,4508,846,1351.109
BCA Marketplace Avril Palmer-Baunack (ch)21 Sep 181,0002152,1508,845,1351.109
Close Brothers  Jonathan Howell (fd)26 Sep 1830,5771,604490,45560,0000.040
Future Penny Ladkin-Brand (cfo)24 Sep 1855,000450247,500305,3950.375
Haydale Graphene Industries Raymond Gibbs (ceo)26 Sep 1838,23340.515,484456,4531.670
InnovaDerma Haris Chaudhry (ch)21 Sep 18250,000149372,5004,735,22032.664
InnovaDerma Haris Chaudhry (ch)21 Sep 18705,0001501,057,5004,030,22027.801
InnovaDerma Haris Chaudhry (ch)21 Sep 1845,00016574,2504,985,22034.389
Intermediate Capital  Philip Keller (fd)25 Sep 18100,0001,099.681,099,680541,4380.186
K3 Capital*Anthony Ford 25 Sep 181,350,0003004,050,0006,247,89514.802
K3 Capital*Stuart Lees 25 Sep 18150,000300450,000650,0001.540
Learning Technologies  Harry Hill25 Sep 18175,000140245,0002,091,6120.314
M&C Saatchi James Hewitt (fd)21 Sep 1854,451375204,19100.000
Medica  John Graham (ceo)21 Sep 181,350,000156.6212,114,3852,258,2482.032
*Placing/tender/open offer ♥Spouse/connected party