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The dawn of 5G

The new mobile generation is finally upon us, bringing benefits to consumers and beyond
The dawn of 5G

“Merry Christmas” - the simple, yet pioneering first ever text message – sent in December 1992. This was the era of second-generation, or ‘2G’ wireless network technology – succeeding the voice-only transmissions of the 1980s, when the cumbersome brick phone was the device du jour

3G marked the advent of mobile internet, and the birth of the smartphone. Then 4G arrived – launched in this country in 2012. With it came more reliable coverage and download speeds of more than 10 megabytes per second (Mbps) – double those typical of its predecessor.

Suffice to say that mobile telecommunications have evolved dramatically over the past few decades. But the greatest evolutionary, or, rather, revolutionary, step is only taking place now – providing a range of opportunities and implications for companies across myriad industries. Enter 5G.

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