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Compass chairman sells near top

The food services group's shares reached an all-time high in August, not long after a strong third-quarter update
Compass chairman sells near top

Shares in food services provider Compass (CPG) reached an all-time high in early August, not long after a third-quarter trading update revealed organic revenue growth of 6.3 per cent, driven by strong trading in North America and improving performance in the rest of world segment. As a result, full-year organic revenue growth is expected to be at the top of the targeted 4-6 per cent range, with group margin anticipated to be flat on the prior year. The group is also growing on the back of around £100m invested during the third quarter, including bolt-on acquisitions, mainly in Europe.

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Compass executive director Gary Green has taken advantage of this good performance, recently selling 142,180 shares at 2,019p each, not far from the shares peak value of 2,113p reached on 2 August. A spokesperson for Compass said the £2.87m share sale was made for “personal reasons”, adding that Mr Green still retains 191,382 shares, or around 0.012 per cent of issued share capital.

CompanyDirectorDateNo of sharesPrice (p)Value (£)Holding (shares)Holding (%)
Aberdeen Standard European Logistics Income*John Heawood 31 Jul 1910,00098.759,87530,0000.013
Aberdeen Standard European Logistics Income*Tony Roper (ch)31 Jul 1915,00098.7514,81345,0000.019
Aberdeen Standard European Logistics Income* Caroline Gulliver31 Jul 1915,00098.7514,81340,0000.017
Aberdeen Standard European Logistics Income* Diane Wilde 31 Jul 1910,00098.759,87530,0000.013
Barr (AG) Nicholas Wharton 25 Jul 191,597646.0510,3171,5970.001
Biffa Richard Pike (cfo)29 Jul 199,35521319,926367,4010.147
Blackbird♥ Ian McDonough (ceo)31 Jul 19250,0006.7416,8503,889,5621.316
CIP Merchant Capital Adrian Collins (ch)30 Jul 1950,0006532,50050,0000.091
Diageo Javier Ferran (ch)26 Jul 1930,0003284.5985,350247,1630.010
Drax  Andrew Skelton (cfo)25 Jul 1916,250297.71248,37831,2500.008
Fresnillo Charles Jacobs 31 Jul 191,600626.210,0191,6000.000
ICG Enterprise Trust Alastair Bruce29 Jul 193,000879.4526,38413,0000.019
IntegraFin Richard Cranfield25 Jul 1910,000381.998538,20010,0000.003
International Personal Finance Gerard Ryan (ceo)31 Jul 19200,000103.875207,7501,026,5760.459
JD Sports Fashion Peter Cowgill (ch)25 Jul 1915,00061391,9508,465,2600.870
Lancashire Michael Dawson26 Jul 194,00070528,20015,0000.007
Lancashire Sally Williams26 Jul 191,414708.510,0181,4140.001
Lowland Investment Co Tom Walker31 Jul 191,600136121,7761,6000.006
Moss Bros  Colin Porter (ch)26 Jul 19509,67319.620399,999509,6730.506
mporium♥  Charles Pendred (ch)29 Jul 191,000,0001.00210,0208,300,0000.800
mporium♥  Charles Pendred (ch)29 Jul 191,000,0001.0110,1009,300,0000.896
Provident Financial Robert East31 Jul 195,000438.13121,9075,0000.002
RockRose Energy Richard Benmore31 Jul 19526196010,310321,2552.454
RockRose Energy John Morrow31 Jul 195,014198499,478219,3391.676
Saga Eva Eisenschimmel30 Jul 1922,92443.7110,02040,3680.004
Saga Gareth Hoskin26 Jul 1966,71949.460833,000135,1780.012
Schroder Asian Total Return Andrew Cainey25 Jul 195,00037918,9507,7000.008
Schroder Asian Total ReturnAndrew Cainey25 Jul 193003801,1408,0000.008
Sports Direct David Brayshaw29 Jul 199,59920719,87019,8750.004
Taylor Wimpey Kevin Beeston (ch)31 Jul 1959,164168.299,514777,5960.024
UIL Christopher Samuel31 Jul 1950,000253.5126,750200,0000.227
Volex Daren Morris (cfo)30 Jul 1920,0009218,400520,0000.353
WH Ireland  Phillip Wale (ceo)31 Jul 1925,0004010,00057,5000.134
WH Ireland  Philip Tansey (fd)31 Jul 1918,000407,20018,0000.042
Walker Crips  Lim Hua Min 31 Jul 19611,45425.015152,95511,316,29026.578
Walker Crips  Sean Kin Wai Lam (ceo)30 Jul 1930,00025.17,530617,4961.450
Yourgene Health Hayden Jeffreys (coo)31 Jul 1983,51211.969,988305,8600.067
Zoo Digital  Gillian Wilmot (ch)31 Jul 1930,0007422,20031,5170.042
CompanyDirectorDateNo of sharesPrice (p)Value (£)Holding (shares)Holding (%)
AvevaJennifer Allerton30 Jul 199,3004077379,1611,0000.001
Barratt Developments David Thomas (ceo)30 Jul 19500,000659.78293,298,915823,1880.081
Compass  Gary Green (coo)25 Jul 19142,1802019.35652,871,121191,3820.012
Draper Esprit Simon Cook (ceo)25 Jul 19275,0005301,457,5001,344,3061.140
Draper Esprit Stuart Chapman (coo)25 Jul 19275,0005301,457,5001,344,3061.140
Greggs Roger Whiteside (ceo)31 Jul 1915,8782264359,478243,0090.240
Unite  Richard Smith (ceo)31 Jul 1938,9721042.7358406,375215,8340.074
WH Smith Stephen Clarke25 Jul 1947,7992139.071,022,454187,6090.174
Whitbread♥ Nicholas Cadbury25 Jul 197,8004501351,0788,3400.006
*Placing/tender/open offer ♥Spouse/connected party