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CRH chief executive sells following record results

The building materials company reported record cash profits in August, with shares nearing 2017 highs
CRH chief executive sells following record results

Shares in building materials business CRH (CRH) are nearing the highs last reached in 2017, and there’s good reason. In August, it revealed record cash profits of €1.54bn (£1.39bn) generated over the six months to June, a 36 per cent increase on the prior year on a reported basis. This growth was attributed in part to margin-enhancing acquisitions. The company expects to make further progress in the second half, although it's likely hoping for an end to Brexit uncertainty, which has weighed on construction activity in the UK.

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Chief executive Albert Manifold sold 102,621 shares at €29 each, just below the 52-week high of £27.98 (€31) – totalling €2.98m. At the time of writing, it was unclear what his resultant total shareholding is. At the same time, non-executive director Richard Boucher purchased 6,750 shares at €29.17 each, in a transaction worth just under €197,000.

CompanyDirectorDateNo of sharesPrice (p)Value (£)Holding (shares)Holding (%)
Autins  Adam Attwood (ch)22 Aug 1975,0002015,000600,0001.515
Autins  Gareth Kaminski-Cook (ceo)22 Aug 19150,0002030,000180,2280.455
Autins  James Larner (cfo)22 Aug 1925,000205,00025,0000.063
Autins  Neil MacDonald22 Aug 19125,0002025,000125,0000.316
BHP  Susan Kilsby23 Aug 192,900171349,6772,9000.000
Brewin Dolphin  Siobhan Boylan (cfo)28 Aug 1933,118300.499,48653,4000.018
Carr's Group Ian Wood22 Aug 1910,000130.913,09020,0000.022
CRH Richard Boucher22 Aug 196,75029.17196,89813,8000.002
Intelligent Ultrasound*Ian Whittaker (coo)28 Aug 1925,000102,500374,9820.170
Intelligent Ultrasound*  Nicholas Sleep (cto)28 Aug 19100,0001010,000326,4710.148
Intelligent Ultrasound*  Stuart Gall (ceo)28 Aug 19200,0001020,000828,2360.376
Intelligent Ultrasound*  Wilson Jennings (fd)28 Aug 19100,0001010,000394,1180.179
Intelligent Ultrasound*  Nazar Amso28 Aug 1950,000105,0001,134,0000.515
Intelligent Ultrasound*  Nicholas Avis28 Aug 1925,000102,500225,0000.102
Lookers Tony Bramall23 Aug 1950,0004924,50072,208,05118.551
Lookers Tony Bramall28 Aug 1950,0005025,00072,983,05118.750
Lookers Tony Bramall22 Aug 191,020,00050.1792511,82872,158,05118.538
Lookers Tony Bramall27 Aug 19725,00051.75375,18872,933,05118.737
Norman Broadbent Michael Brennan (ceo)23 Aug 19166,66635,0001,095,4812.033
Norman Broadbent Brian Stephens23 Aug 19166,66635,000334,6210.621
Norman Broadbent Fiona McAnena23 Aug 1933,33331,00063,3330.118
Norman Broadbent William Gerrand (cfo & coo)23 Aug 1966,66732,00066,6670.124
OptiBiotix Health Frederic Narbel28 Aug 1917,000508,50029,0000.034
Oxford BioDynamics Stephen Diggle (ch)27 Aug 1940,0009036,00011,730,22512.673
Oxford BioDynamics Stephen Diggle (ch)28 Aug 194,500904,05011,734,72512.678
Redcentric Jonathan Kempster28 Aug 1910,24977.47,93310,2490.007
Scottish American Investment Co♥Nicholas Macpherson23 Aug 196,00041024,60045,0000.031
South32 Keith Rumble27 Aug 1935,700135.383748,332161,3800.003
South32 Xolani Mkhwanazi28 Aug 1918,90026.1153493,57953,2370.001
Tyman Jo Hallas (ceo)28 Aug 1925,96520252,44974,1270.038
Ultra Electronics  William Rice (ch)28 Aug 192,313215049,7302,3130.003
Westmount Energy* Gerard Walsh (ch)28 Aug 192,246,53813292,05010,921,53810.580
Wood Group (John) Roy Franklin22 Aug 199,00040536,45015,0000.002
CompanyDirectorDateNo of sharesPrice (p)Value (£)Holding (shares)Holding (%)
4imprint  Andrew Scull 23 Aug 192,4862803.7869,70245,0000.160
4imprint  Andrew Scull 23 Aug 191,000284028,40047,4860.169
4imprint  Andrew Scull 23 Aug 19515286014,72950,6960.181
4imprint  Andrew Scull 23 Aug 192102862.56,01148,4860.173
4imprint  Andrew Scull 23 Aug 192,000287057,40048,6960.173
4imprint  Andrew Scull 23 Aug 19550289015,89551,2110.182
CRH† Albert Manifold (ceo)22 Aug 19102,621292,976,009nana
Marshalls♥ Martyn Coffey (ceo)22 Aug 19118,498679804,601266,4610.133
TBC Bank  Giorgi Shagidze (cfo)27 Aug 1915,0001251187,65063,0250.115
*Placing/tender/open offer ♥Spouse/connected party †Mr Manifold's share sale is denominated in euros £1=€1.10