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Weekend Briefing: How is healthcare holding up?

This week's top headlines and how to invest them


It has been a week since Donald Trump appeared to recommend coronavirus patients inject themselves with disinfectant – a terrifying proclamation from one of the world’s most influential people which prompted household goods companies (including the UK’s Reckitt Benckiser) to warn consumers against following the president’s ‘advice’ for fear of death.

Fortunately, the medical progress in the war on coronavirus has been more scientific (and a great deal safer) this week. The breakthrough made by US drugs giant Gilead is particularly significant. The company’s medicine remdesivir has successfully reduced the duration of coronavirus symptoms, meaning it could cut the amount of time patients have to spend in hospital.  


Meanwhile, lockdown measures appear to be slowing the spread of Covid-19 – new dad Boris Johnson certainly thinks that the UK is past the peak of infections. But a sense of optimism is likely to be premature as the economic fallout of lockdown measures ripples through multiple sectors. The starkness of the situation was revealed all too plainly by Shell’s dividend cut – the UK’s largest company hadn’t cut its dividend since the second world war.

But don’t panic, we have plenty of handy hints and ideas to help you protect your portfolio during the pandemic – links below for you to browse while you enjoy your weekend.


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