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Simon Thompson's 3 cash rich value plays — 5 key property Qs — Phil Oakley's Apple verdict

The latest from Investors Chronicle

Apple and Google have released a Covid-19 contact tracing tool today and Phil Oakley asks: is Apple a seller of commoditised electronic devices that is over the hill, or an undervalued ecosystem that still makes the shares a good long-term bet? Here's this week's analysis.

With the tech giants stepping up the fight against Covid-19, AstraZeneca has announced that it has reached initial agreements that would lead to the widespread distribution of at least 400m doses of a vaccine for the disease that is being developed by scientists at Oxford University. Mark Robison has the latest.

Among the industries easing their way out of lockdown is the housing market, and Emma Powell answers the five key questions on investors’ lips. One consensus within the property industry is that UK house prices will fall this year, so where does that leave you? Click here to find out.

Meanwhile, in a double bill of columns today, Simon Thompson highlights an important chart break-out for a provider of cyber security software and one that is fully supported by the company's robust operational performance. In fact, he has raised his target price by more than a third this morning. In his second column, Simon offers the investment case for three cash rich modestly rated value plays in his small-cap hunting ground.