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Carson Block: "Markets are not allocating capital properly"

The IC interviews the people who matter to your money – first up, activist short seller, Carson Block.
Carson Block: "Markets are not allocating capital properly"

Carson Block doesn’t think markets are functioning as they should be, “they’re not allocating capital properly, they’re allocating capital based on BS”.

In March, as coronavirus infected markets crashed down, the famed activist short seller was getting close to “thinking about going long”. The recovery since then has depressed him. “Rome is burning and the markets are going up,” he laments in this punchy interview – the first in the IC’s new series of podcasts.

Carson Block made his name shorting fraudulent Chinese companies listed in the US. He has since brought down dodgy businesses listed in the US, Europe and the UK. He still runs his investment management firm from California and publishes all his research to expose dubious accounting and downright fraud.


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