The Investment Hour: The big income conundrum

The trimming or cancelling of dividends in the UK is incredibly significant. With income expected to be significantly lower in 2020 than it was in 2019, a reader’s letter has highlighted how stark the situation is for some private investors. He said: “40 per cent of my retirement income comes from shares.”

At a time like this, it’s hard to know where to turn. On this week’s podcast Megan Boxall and John Hughman are joined by Algy Hall, Dave Baxter and Nilushi Karunaratne to discuss the situation and help explain how investors can best cope with the income carnage of the past few months.

We’ve also covered the outlook for income extensively in the magazine this week. Click on the links below to read our top dividend coverage and the stories mentioned on this week’s podcast.

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UK braced for prolonged period of measly income

For investors hanging onto the illusion that their precious income might bounce back as the coronavirus pandemic passes, Factset’s consensus dividend forecasts – compiled and analysed by the Investors Chronicle – do not offer much hope. Click here to find out why.

Corporate debt hits record $8.3trn

For many companies, the recent dash for debt has perhaps prevented liquidity pressures from turning into a more serious question about solvency. But it is a risky gamble. Read the full story here.

Telecoms faces a China crisis

British telcos are reeling from a big government u-turn on the use of Huawei equipment. But are any companies in a position to benefit? Mark Robinson attempts to answer that question.

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