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Shares that are as cheap as they've ever been

The crash has made some stocks cheaper than ever. But where are they?
Shares that are as cheap as they've ever been

Hunting for bargains in the current environment could prove a treacherous business, as well as a potentially profitable one. For many companies that have experienced sharp share price falls, the key question bargain hunters need to ask is whether they are likely to survive the considerable financial strain that will be meted out by the response to the coronavirus. 

But one thing’s for sure at the moment, there are a lot of companies trading at valuations that are historically low – for some, as low as they've ever been. This week’s screen is aimed at finding shares that are as cheap as any time since the last financial crisis 12 years ago. Importantly, I’m also using a few well-established screening methods to see which of these cheap companies display characteristics that suggest they are likely to be survivors under severe financial strain.


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