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Can Ferrexpo finally catch a break?

The war is turning, and though this ghastly pandemic has yet to be resolved, we are staring at a brighter future with more certainty. Sector rotation continues and equities continue to trend upwards. In some sectors, the eagerly awaited bull is already on the move. Marks & Spencer (MKS) has not had a down day since 7 November and is up more than 40 per cent since Vaccine Day.

It is clear also that with the number of takeovers occurring on the London Stock Exchange many of our stocks are considered cheap. No doubt there are many predators with envious eyes, who are lurking and considering making a move. While one shouldn’t buy a stock in the hope that it will be taken out (people have been holding ITV (ITV) for years hoping for a takeover and the price has only ever gone down since 2015) recent activity does give credence to the view that UK equities are cheap.

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