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Companies smashing broker forecasts

Find out which companies have seen the biggest upgrades to their earnings forecasts this week.
Companies smashing broker forecasts

Companies' smashing broker forecasts are almost certain to enjoy strong share price rises. Keeping an eye on upgrades and downgrades in consensus forecasts can help provide ideas for your next investment. 

Our upgrade and downgrade tables are based on changes made by brokers over the last month to their consensus forecast earnings for the year ahead. Comparisons are made between forecasts for the same 12 month period, which run from the date given on the table. The tables are ordered by largest to smallest one month revisions.

Why do broker upgrades matter?

Share prices reflect investor expectation for company performance. That expectation is partly based on company expectations or forecasts from brokers. Thus, if a company can beat those expectations, the share price is likely to enjoy a leap. 

20 Biggest Upgrades - 29 June

29 June 2022FWD EPS CHG
Name (price)EPS NTMcurrent EPS NTM 1mth ago1mth % chgcurrent EPS NTM 3mth ago
Xaar (186p)14.5p3.1p+367%2.1p
Chrysalis Investments (123p)10.5p5.0p+112%41.6p
Revolution Bars Group (14p)1.3p0.6p+107%0.5p
CAP-XX (4p)0.3p0.2p+70%0.1p
Ten Lifestyle Group (57p)2.1p1.3p+62%-0.1p
Kistos (420p)191p126p+51%139p
SSP Group (246p)7.8p5.4p+43%0.9p
Jadestone Energy (84p)22.5p15.8p+43%13.7p
Orchard Funding Group (57p)8.5p6.1p+39%6.0p
Petra Diamonds (92p)13.4p9.8p+37%10.1p
Pharos Energy (22p)21.8p16.4p+33%6.7p
i3 Energy (27p)7.6p5.7p+32%3.3p
Hyve Group (76p)2.8p2.2p+29%2.9p
Symphony Environmental (19p)0.4p0.3p+28%0.2p
Best of the Best (485p)54.8p44.3p+24%43.5p
Netcall (83p)2.5p2.1p+24%2.0p
Energean (1,155p)233p190p+23%134p
PPHE Hotel Group (1,475p)32.8p26.9p+22%3.3p
Filtronic (11p)0.4p0.3p+20%0.3p
FireAngel Safety Technology Group (11p)0.9p0.8p+19%0.3p

20 Biggest Downgrades - 29 June

29 June 2022FWD EPS CHG
Name (price)EPS NTMcurrent EPS NTM 1mth ago1mth % chgcurrent EPS NTM 3mth ago
Tandem Group (235p)22.2p56.7p-61%56.7p
Cineworld Group (22p)2.0p4.8p-59%3.4p
ProCook Group (40p)4.3p8.3p-48%9.2p
United Utilities Group (1,026p)21.2p40.1p-47%47.1p
boohoo group (57p)1.8p3.1p-41%5.2p
CPP Group (182p)2.4p4.0p-39%3.8p
Dekel Agri-Vision (3p)0.6p0.9p-36%0.9p
ASOS (874p)55.3p85.8p-35%95.7p
Motorpoint Group (194p)13.2p18.7p-30%22.3p
Mulberry Group (295p)13.2p18.8p-30%-
DFS Furniture (160p)20.4p28.4p-28%28.1p
Enquest (26p)15.6p21.6p-28%13.8p
DP Eurasia (55p)3.5p4.9p-27%3.5p
Helios Underwriting (161p)8.9p11.5p-23%9.3p
Manolete Partners (308p)10.8p13.9p-22%26.9p
Petrofac (122p)4.0p5.1p-22%5.3p
Severn Trent (2,742p)98.8p126p-21%123p
Serica Energy (295p)96.9p123p-21%130p
Molten Ventures (458p)135p171p-21%154p
Trident Royalties (45p)1.0p1.2p-20%1.5p


Source: FactSet