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Simon Thompson's Bargain Shares

Simon's Bargain Shares portfolio has beaten the market in 14 out of 18 years.
Simon Thompson's Bargain Shares
Simon Thompson's 2020 Bargain Shares Portfolio Performance
Company nameTIDMMarketOpening offer price 07.02.20 Latest bid price 26.11.20 DividendsPercentage change (%)
XaarXARMain 42p172p0.0p309.5%
Metal Tiger (see note two)MTRAim11.8p23.5p0.0p99.2%
Anglo Eastern PlantationsAEPMain570p662p0.4p16.2%
Chenavari Capital Solutions (see note one)CCSLMain61.4p35p0.0p-1.0%
Cenkos SecuritiesCNKSAim56p52p0.0p-7.1%
Brand ArchitektsBARAim 160p130p0.0p-18.8%
CIP Merchant CapitalCIPAim57p45p0.0p-21.1%
Average      35.5%
FTSE All-Share Total Return index7,7966,925 -11.2%
FTSE Small-Cap Total Return index9,2749,395 1.3%
FTSE AIM All-Share Total Return index1,0991,184 7.7%
Note 1. Chenavari Capital Solutions made a compulsory capital redemption of 34.73 per cent of the share capital at 85.72p a share in March 2020, and subsequent compulsory capital redemption of 21.9 per cent of the share capital at 72.93p a share in July 2020. The total return takes into account the capital redemptions. The company delisted its shares from AIM on 30 September at a closing bid-price of 35p. Approximately 17.9 percent of each holding was then redeemed on 9 November 2020 at 65.26p per share. The board plans to make further compulsory capital redemptions in due course.
Note 2. Metal Tiger shares consolidated on the basis of one share for every 10 shares previously held on 1 July 2020.
Source: London Stock Exchange.