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Week Ahead: 15-19 June

A summary of key company announcements expected in the coming week
Week Ahead: 15-19 June

Welcome to the week ahead, our summary of the forthcoming key company announcements. Companies are no longer obliged to notify the London Stock Exchange (LSE) of results and trading updates, so this list does not claim to be comprehensive. You can read company announcements at and our daily online news summaries record all key company announcements and business press headlines. 

Note: The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has asked all listed companies to delay the release of their full-year results by at least a fortnight, and extended the deadline for reporting audited numbers out to 30 June from 31 April. The dividend payment information is correct as of 1 June. 

Companies holding annual general meetings are either encouraging shareholders to vote via proxy instead of attending or banning them from attending entirely, please check with the company for arrangements

Monday 15 June 

Final: Evgen Pharma (EVG)

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