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I want to simplify my £1.7m portfolio

This investor wants to pass her investments to her family tax efficiently
I want to simplify my £1.7m portfolio

This investor wishes to pass on assets to family and charities tax efficiently

She should reduce the number of accounts and investments she has

She should understand the tax consequences of selling any asset and make use of allowances accordingly 

Reader Portfolio
Jamiya 73

Isas, investment accounts and investment bonds invested in funds and shares, cash, residential property.


Spend money on travel and leisure, pass on assets to family, minimise IHT, investment return at least ahead of inflation and ideally 4% a year, simplify investments, consolidate investment accounts.

Portfolio type
Inheritance planning

Jamiya is age 73, retired and has two financially independent children. Her own and her late husband’s NHS pensions provide her with £3,442 a month. She also receives £1,258 from a private pension and £956 state pension, per month. Her home is worth about £500,000 and mortgage free.

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