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What fund firms tell us about the reflation trade

Asset managers' views on equities and bonds, and how popular funds have been performing
What fund firms tell us about the reflation trade

Most asset managers in our survey expect cyclical assets and markets to continue a strong rebound

The UK has grown considerably in popularity

The asset managers we surveyed are much less upbeat about bonds than at the start of the year

Watching professional investors is always instructive, even if only to show that well resourced asset managers also make mistakes. This could be one way of looking at our roundup of leading fund firms’ asset allocation views at the start of 2021 (Lessons from fund managers for 2021, IC 22.01.21), as not one of the 10 companies surveyed had a positive view on the UK. But the domestic market has subsequently roared back to life racing ahead of most other regions.

With the first half of the year behind us and the cyclical rebound appearing to at least pause for breath, it's worth once again assessing how our sample of leading fund firms view specific sectors and asset classes. As in January, we have set out the proportions of the asset managers surveyed that stated positive, neutral or negative views on a given area.

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